She had a flower in her hair..

A while ago, I made a headband inspired by The Little Mermaid. I was looking online for a headband that showcased the beautiful magenta flower she wears in her hair in one scene of the movie. There was very little to find!

So, being me, I decided to come up with one myself.

I’ve played around with various ways to fold ribbon using different stitching techniques, but none of the techniques I learned quite fit the bill. It served as a foundation, but not much more. So, I sat at my craft desk (which is actually a dining table), in my tiny living room, working away. Much glue and much ribbon was wasted.


Eventually, I managed to pull something off that I was quite pleased with. Each petal was individually folded and hand stitched. Small amounts of glue was used to keep the folds in place. I then simply arranged the petals as you see above, and glued them to a small round piece of felt which I had cut. The center of the flower was very easy and also kinda tricky. It is a simple knot actually…the difficulty came with fraying and keeping it “neat”. I went through, oh, maybe 5 others before I made one I was happy with.


The band itself is a pretty thing I found at my local Hobby Lobby. The underside actually has tiny strands of elastic and so is quite flexible. The sequins are actually more stunning in person. They flicker blue, green and even purple in certain lighting.

I’m particularly proud of this piece. I think, it’s because I had to sit for hours and figure out a novel way to fold the flower petals myself.

If you’re interested in how I made them, step by step, let me know…and I’ll put together a post just for it 🙂

As always, if you would like to purchase this piece for your little one, it’s available below!

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Until next time…