For the love of Periwinkle

periwinkle pearl

Today’s headband features a flower that is a dreamy Periwinkle – also known as  Lavender Blue or to those who keep track of Pantone’s Color of the Year, very similar to their Serenity. I secured a small pearl to the center of the flower and placed it on a bed of two green leaves. As always, each piece was folded and stitched by hand. Usually I choose a contrasting color elastic band, but for this piece I decided to continue the soft dreamy colors and used a silvery gray.

periwinkle pearl 2

It is extremely difficult, if not near impossible to stitch the embellishment by machine – I’ve tried. But the end result is well worth it! It’s definitely been an exercise in dexterity.

I will be making more of these in the future, so be on the look out 🙂




The Miniature Hydrangea

Say hello to The Miniature Hydrangea. The flower sits a top a pair of deep green leaves – All made painstakingly by hand. This headband is meant to be simple and sweet. I paired the flower with a soft grey elastic that is safe for your baby’s scalp.

pink hydrangea green petals 2

The embellishment measures about an inch across. The photograph below shows how much the flower sits high on the band letting it’s finest details shine. I really love all things miniature. There is a magical quality to products that are understated and simple – especially when they are crafted for children.

pink hydrangea green petals

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Knotted Pink Bow

knotted pink bow grey band 2This headband features 12 inches of ribbon all rolled into a pretty bow. The center is secured with a white and gold celtic knot. I’ve paired it here with a soft gray elastic and the bow measures approximately 5″ across.

knotted pink bow grey band

The shade of pink itself is a warm Rose tone that also comes in Lavender. A timeless design that is perfect for all ages.

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Forget Me Not


Meet Forget-Me-Not. As the name suggests she is the lovely shade of blue reminiscent of the flower. I’ve accented the band with leaves that are a rich and deep shade of green. The center is a glittery champagne tone. As with the Rose Quartz headband, the flower and leaves are hand-made with soft ribbon. I really love this headband, the blue and gold pop in ways many other color combinations just don’t.

Blue poppy leaves close up

To create this headband I folded and hand-stiched the ribbon (that’s right, no machine here folks!) then manipulated the resulted shape to form what you see above. Ah, don’t the colors just make you smile? or maybe it’s just me…

Rose Quartz Floral Headband

pink flower glitter band 3

Meet the design that started it all. This feminine rose quartz floral headband is the first of my Spring 2016 collection. If you’re looking for something that is minimalist yet still maintaining to be girly; I have an inkling you’ve found it here.

pink flower glitter 2

Watch this space! It will be available to purchase very…very soon.